The GEMicro Group brings together specialised knowledge, real-world experience and expert capabilities to create a new organisation dedicated to the mobilisation and disbursement of Microfinance to those who need it most.

Microfinancing gives people back control over their own destiny and increases their dignity and self-esteem, which in turn carries through to their family and friends to create an inclusive, positive future. With microfinancing, we can extend much-needed financial support and advice to hundreds of thousands of poor people, getting them on the road to self-betterment in a sustainable manner

Our name derives from the longer title ‘Global Ethical Microfinance’, shortened to GEMicro Group. Our logo is made up of two entwined squares to create an icon without end, conveying the idea of sustainable and long standing support and development. The overall shape evokes the basis of Islamic patterns used in gem cutting. But much more than a simple badge, our logo embodies what GEMicro Group is all about. It tells people who we are, what we stand for and what we offer. It is a reflection of everything we do and everything we believe in – in short the values and qualities that make the GEMicro Group unique.